FW: Xserver

Mike MacDonald mmacdona@tsi.gte.com
Fri Nov 12 14:51:00 GMT 1999

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> From: 	Mike MacDonald  
> Sent:	Friday, November 12, 1999 5:50 PM
> To:	'fortinj@ibm.net'
> Subject:	Xserver
> I heard that you are doing some work with XGGI, and DirectX.  I'm in the
> process of doing some work on the os-support part of the X server, and
> have reached a point where I want to use DirectX to set the video mode,
> initialize a frame buffer, and return it to a server.  I was going to pick
> some unaccelerated xaa files to use with that framebuffer.  If you have
> already set up this, or we can work together on this - Like I can do the
> os-support part, and setting the graphics mode, and you can do the
> acceleration, or whatever based on what work you have already done, please
> let me know.

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