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Fri Nov 12 14:46:00 GMT 1999

Sure, I'll email him.  I would like to know where he's at, and what hes
working on.  If he has this piece done, and is working on acceleration,
thats cool..  If he's working on acceleration, then I may as well build any
changes I'm doing into this.

I'm looking at things now, and I should be able to localize most of my stuff
to os-support, but it won't support the hardware acceleration used by X.

Thats the issue, and I probably can make this thing work without using
directx, and using the accelerated drivers available with X, but I don't
know that that would be the best way to go with things.

What do you think?  DirectX is potentialy more work, but will support more
hardware, and cooler graphics modes (like x in a window)..  using getio, and
mapmem to do video can get hairy, may or may not take as long as directx,
and would only allow for full screen displays.  Though the latter method
would include X acceleration.

At this point I feel that I could probably have at least a fullscreen
unaccelerated 256 color xserver up and running next week using direct x to
just set the video mode, and return a framebuffer. 

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Onething all the XF86 servers need XF86MapVidMem function.  If I
remember correctly it is  described in
xc/doc and xc/programs/Xserver/hw/xfree86/doc

As far as DirectX stuff is concerned.  Could you please consult with
John Fortin first (fortinj@ibm.net).  John has done a lot of
DirectX work for XGGI.  You might save a lot of time if you
with him directly.  It will also avoid duplicating some of John's


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> Ok, are there some standard svga non accelerated xaa
> files in the tree, I'm
> looking at vga256/vga, I think they might qualify.  For
> the start I can use
> those, then the xaa files can be modified to use dx later
> to speed them up..
> Cool thing about that is that X will work with any video
> card that DX
> supports..

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