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What about hw/svga?

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may be you look into various documents in

You will find answers to a lot of your questions.

I am not sure xaa could be integrated in DX, but then I do not much
about DX itself.  xaa codes are in hw/xfree86, look at various Video
card spoecific codes, particularly in


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> What are the XAA primitives?  I'm very new to X
> programming, sorry..  I'm
> learning fast though :)
> I'm also looking at a giveio driver, and a mapmem driver,
> but I thing
> directx may be faster, and definately more flexable.
> Yeah, DX will create a pointer to a linear framebuffer -
> and emulate a
> linear framebuffer if the card doesn't directly support
> it, then it has
> various draw commands..  Whatever dx needs, or I can do
> quicker in asm, I
> can do seperate.. I think making a directx server with
> directx os-support is
> the best way to go..  I could use the mapmem, and getio
> drivers for pty, and
> mouse, and keyboard..  Then maybe later use directinput
> for mouse and
> keyboard if it makes sense..
> I think I need to look at the server code now :)
> >What do you need for directx rendering? Basically, you
> should just need
> >the linear frame buffer, together with some information
> about video
> >resolution and pixel depth, and then call rendering
> operations like
> >bitblt, draw line, draw arc, etc.? Is this right? In
> this case you might
> >maybe only redirect the XAA primitives to corresponding
> directx calls.

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