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Fri Nov 12 08:32:00 GMT 1999

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To: 'Holger Veit'
Subject: XF86SUP.SYS

Hello again.  I have some other questions.  How does X change video modes?
I see where you get the vidmem, but not where the graphics mode is actually
set on the card.  I can use directx to get a pointer to memory, but I would
have to use directx to set the video mode I think.

I have a sinking feeling that X is setting the video mode through the io
ports on the card, which meens I prolly can't use direct x, and need to
switch to fullscreen mode if I can, and map the memory over.

Unfortunately that makes it more difficult to display X in a window which
would be nice.  Unless I just pick the svga server, and fix that to use
DirectX..  Or go nuts and make a directx server which would prolly be the
best way to go..  I don't know, I think for now I'll either pick a mode and
just support 1 mode, or try and go to a fullscreen mode and map the memory..
If you can let me know how X changes video modes, it would be really
helpful, thanx!

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