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Mike MacDonald mmacdona@tsi.gte.com
Thu Nov 11 14:38:00 GMT 1999

There is a good chance though, still, that I'll have to use DirectX to get
the memory pointer..  I don't think that it will be easy to get access to
video memory any other way, even with mapmem..  getio on the other hand..
Thats cool!!  :)

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I agree with your approach.  Take your time and see if you could
come up
with a solution.  Thanks

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> Subject: RE: Setting up X Sources
> Well, getio will definately take care of the io problem
> if it works..  I
> think it will..  MapMem should deal with the memory
> mapping..  If it works..
> I think MapMem does IO too, but I think that getio does
> it faster.  Its
> mostly just a matter of stitching them into the
> os_support stuff now, and
> debugging.  Later maybe combining mapmem and getio into
> one driver..  Its
> the cleanest solution, and enough like what os2 is doing
> that most of the
> same code should apply..   I think os2 calls drivers a
> little different than
> windows, but thats the most of it..
> In other words, getting really close to having something
> that might work..

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