Mike MacDonald
Wed Nov 10 15:22:00 GMT 1999

One of the reasons makedepend might be working differently might be that I'm
running gcc 2.95.2..  I don't know.   I'm not 100% sure where makedepend is
getting its default include list from, and I really didn't feel up to
finding out.  It might be a project for another day..

I do know that the gcc installed with full.exe reads search paths
differently than 2.95.2..  Thats what kicked my but, that and not knowing I
could check and see what those paths were..  gcc that comes with 20.1 worked
fine with my old drive mapping..  2.95 bombed completely..  I changed it
around to how it should be, and it works great..  Mainly, I had my lib dir
with gcc-lib mapped as /usr/lib.  gcc was looking for /bin/../lib/gcc-lib...
when I moved the /usr/lib down to /lib gcc found everything fine..  Works
great.   Just that weird problem with makedepend - because I don't know
where its getting its include path from, and /include or /usr/include are
not a part of it..  Which is weird because they are default for gcc..   No
biggie..  I mapped it to /usr/local/lib/gcc-include - because thats one of
the places makedepend was looking - later I will fix my include mount or
whatever to the right location so it works without that remount..

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