Compiling X

Mike MacDonald
Wed Nov 10 14:52:00 GMT 1999

My gcc is clean..  I just have that include directory mounted in the wrong
spot..  No big deal..  I mounted it somewhere that makedepend could see it,
and things work great...

The only things I've changed so far:

ln -s cpp.exe to /bin
cp gcc.exe cc.exe
and mounting my include dir where makedepend can see it - because I'm to
lazy to figure out where its supposed to be..

That doesn't seem to far off from what you have to do to compile it...   (Of
course that doesn't count all the stuff you must have had to do to get it to

Anyway, I followed Mumit's directions, and thats how I got it cleaned up..
Mumit rules! 

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makedepend should have no problems.  I suggest you follow Mumit's
advice on cleaning up your installation.


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> Ok, well, makedepend had trouble findinding /include -
> which gcc finds
> fine..  I had to mount that directory in
> /usr/local/lib/gcc-include - I
> think a spot where makedepend will find it..

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