Setting up X Sources

Suhaib M. Siddiqi
Tue Nov 9 17:08:00 GMT 1999

Use binary mount when extracting.
umount /
mount -b c: /

for example,
otherwise all the aseembeler code in xc/Xserver/programs/hw/Xfree86 and its
sub-directories will fail to compile.

Also make sure you have the cpp.exe in your PATH and it should be of
the same version as the GCC.

That is all.

make World

compile.  So far no one else has compiled that source code therefore
I do not know if you might face some problems.

Check xc/config/cf/ file and if you find after #define
ExtraLibraries a lot of
libs to link delete them, except -lwsock32.  only -lwsock32 is needed to
some socket functionalities.  If you edit any *.cf *.rules or *.c files,
pleae use
vim or gvim, otherwise compiler might complain about stray symbols, because
of binary mount.
You can grab a copy of vim or gvim from .

Do report any errors or problems with compilation so we can correct them.


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