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Tue Nov 9 07:57:00 GMT 1999


Well, you defnitely know a lot more about drivers.  My knowledge in
this field is practicaly Zero that is why i had been asking for help
from someone experienced in this field.  This is the last sticking
and perhaps a bit complicated issue. Your 15 years experience with
Windows programing and drivers would definitely be a big help for
cygwin-xfree ports.

I had been collecting several example codes and drivers which could
offer some of the features needed by XFree86.
I will bundle all these drivers source codes and send them to you
later today.


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> Well, its been a while, but if I remember right, DX will
> set up a linear, or
> pseudolinear, framebuffer for you, and return a pointer
> to it.  This is how
> most games are written - they use DX to get a
> framebuffer, and video card
> access, then they use ASM to do their blts, etc, because
> it is usually
> quicker.
> I'm assuming I can do the same thing here for video
> memory, and just use DX
> to pass me back a pointer.  What I'm not sure about is
> accessing the ports
> on the video card, and how quickly.  I'm assuming that
> there is a method for
> quickly addressing a video port built into DX, or if you
> have a full screen
> mode you might have access to the video card at that
> point.  This is what I
> don't know.   I need to do some experimentation to find out.
> So basically it would be taking advantage of DX for
> everything that might
> require a driver to accomplish.  If DX doesn't do this
> stuff, things start
> to get sticky.. Should be able to find solutions for it though..
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> Hi Mike,
> Interesting point you have. How will you get access to
> the video card
> memory?
> Please answer this e-mail to vesthus@post3.tele.dk
> Regards
> Jan Rouvillain
> >
> > I don't see why this can't just be implemented as a service
> > and a library..
> > The service would mainly be for pty, and I'm not sure that
> > its necessary for
> > that..  Windows doesn't have the Ring 0 requirement that OS/2
> > has I don't
> > think.  Plus Direct X eliminates the need for some of it..
> > I'll learn more
> > as I go, but I don't think this needs to be, or should be a
> > driver on the
> > Windows platform.
> >
> > Honestly, I can't think of anything that couldn't just be
> > included in a
> > library..  Tell me if you've heard otherwise, and I have ALOT
> > more research
> > to do before I have a solid grasp of what needs to be done,
> > but I think a
> > straight port of XF86SUP.SYS as a .a archive will work (My
> > opinion here is
> > VERY subject to change :))  I think the only reason he has it
> > loading in the
> > config.sys is for the ring 0 requirements that are
> enforced by OS/2..
> >

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