Suhaib Siddiqi ssiddiqi@inspirepharm.com
Mon Nov 8 13:47:00 GMT 1999

The XF86SUP.SYS source is at
If you could not find it there, let me know I would e-mail it to

You need to study the code in os-support.zip which i sent you a
while ago.  that code uses XF86SUP driver.  XFree86 needs those
functions.  How you provide them -- by a direct port of XF86SUP.SYS
driver, a DX driver or a DDK is your choice and you decide which
would be the best and easiest for you to do.  XF86SUP.SYS has one
advantage, that it also has /dev/pty.  Later when we add MingW32
support, XF86SUP.SYS would come handy to support xterm, and xdm.
Most of the XF86SUP.SYS code is in assembeler language (masm x86)
written for IBM Visual Age C++ and OS/2 DDK.


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> Ok, I'm d/ling the Win98 DDK right now, then I'll start
> trying to get
> something together.  I need to know what X is gonna want,
> and how it expects
> to get it.  Can you think of any reason to deviate from
> the way that XF86SUP
> did it?  And if not, is the source readily available, or
> do I have to get it
> from you Suhaib?

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