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Ok, I'm gonna look at it now.  

Oooohhh!!   This is right up my alley!  I'll keep you posted on any progress
I make.  I need to do some research of course, but at first glance its
giving me warm fuzzies..

I need to map out what the driver does, and who loads it where, etc..

I will need some help with the cygwin1.dll, etc - since those ports/memory
addys need to be mapped into cygwins drive structure, I'm also assuming that
cygwin will need to be present (X will need to be able to access
/dev/<whatever> in cygwin's dir structure)..  It may be possible to create a
device that makes those things present no matter what, but then we get into
some issues with how do we do this in NT, as opposed to Win98..

I'll keep reading, but let me know if I'm on/off track with some of this

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Have a look at the http://sourceware.cygnus.com/cygwin/xfree .
There is a XF86SUP.SYS driver from OS/2 which we need to port
to Windows NT.  It should be ported using MSVC or other Win32
compiler, but not Cygwin for peformance reasons.  It has a lot of
ASM code
in it,.  This what actually holding XFree86 port (X-server) for
Cygwin (Windows).  I lack the expertise and knowledge of
assembly language and devices drivers.

If you could get it ported to Win32 using MSVc or another Win32
you would be of great help and would make X-servers functional.


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> Is there anything I can do to help with XFree stuff?  I'm
> kinda new to X,
> and Cygwin, and I don't have alot of time to spend on
> stuff, but I do have
> about 20 years of programming experience including ASM,
> and who knows what
> else..  (12 years professional - I'm working at GTE now
> as a developer)..
> My constraints are that this is not a part of my job
> right now, and I don't
> use my computer at home anymore - so anything I look at
> has to be during
> breaks, or when I have time...
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