X11R6.x libs

Dtcohen@aol.com Dtcohen@aol.com
Thu Nov 4 11:53:00 GMT 1999


     I disagree with your suggestion that startx and xinit are useless
for Cygwin, but at least we have identified the problem and have
a workaround.  Maybe if I can find some free time sometime I'll have
a look at your souce code and see if I can come up with a patch.

     At any rate, thank you most kindly for your help with this problem.
I now have X11 up and running, and so far it seems to be pretty solid.

Jim Grishaw.

> > I'm curious, does startx/xinit work for you with Exceed?  One would
> > think that we should both be having the same problem.  Don't forget to put
> > a .xserverrc file in $HOME with a pointer to your Exceed server.
> startx and xinit is of no real meaning for commercial Windows X-server, like
> Hummingbird Exceed or Sun PC X-ware.  I keep a shortcut of my x-server
> executable in my Windows Startup folder.  The X-servers gets started
> on each reboot. I am a heavy user of X-servers, without it I cannot
> survive.
> In the startx script I think I may have address some silly thing, which
> looks obvious and simple but actually points to XF86 executables.  Is there
> a hardcoded xinit.exe or path to it?  You should remove it, if it is there.
> I must have added it while I was compiling XF86 executables, to experiment
> a few things.  Xinit.exe in XFree86 is basically same as in X11R6.4 with few
> lines of code changed.  It would attempt to execute XF86 executables
> and would return _X11TransSock errno 111 if it could not find or start
> XF_SVGA.exe (server).
> I suggest you start your ReflectionX like you do as a Windows program or
> suggested
> in ReflectionX User Guide, instead of using xinit.exe.
> If you could execute xterm and other X cleints then there is really no
> problems
> with X11 libs.  The socket bugs I mentioned today morning should not affect
> a normal user.
> They might cause problems once XF86 server is functional.
> Regards
> Suhaib
> >
> > Thanks again,
> > Jim Grishaw.
> >

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