X11R6.x libs

Dtcohen@aol.com Dtcohen@aol.com
Wed Nov 3 14:58:00 GMT 1999

> Jim,
> I know what is the problem.  The startx and initx and .initrx could
> not be used from XFree86 4.0.  Have a look at the bottom of your
> message... that is what you are doing.  Sergey's and others
> distrubtions are from X11R6, not XFree86.  In my case the starx
> script will attmpt to execute
> the XF86 servers which is NON FUNCTIONAL and should give
> _X11TransSock errno 111 error.
> Try going to X11R6/bin directory and type ./xterm (after starting
> RelectionX manually) to see if you can use all the X-clients.

Yes, xterm works fine when I start Reflection X manually.

> If you wish to use starx with ReflectionX then you need to edit that
> script and have to make a symlink to ReflectionX executable.  The

You must mean the "startx" script.  I had a look at it doesn't seem
that anything needs to be changed...

> Symlink must be X, e.g
> First delete the X symblic link in X11R6/bin directory which point
> to either XGGI or XF86 servers.  then:
> ln -s <c:\refelctionx\x-server.exe) X
> That would allow you to execute refelctionX X-server executable.

OK, I made the symlink to Reflection X but I still have the problem.

This is a good idea but I don't think this is the problem.  I can
see that the Reflection X server is getting started when I run startx.
This was true even before I made the symlink.

I'm curious, does startx/xinit work for you with Exceed?  One would
think that we should both be having the same problem.  Don't forget to put
a .xserverrc file in $HOME with a pointer to your Exceed server.

Thanks again,
Jim Grishaw.

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