X11R6.x libs

Mike MacDonald mmacdona@tsi.gte.com
Mon Nov 1 06:32:00 GMT 1999

What is better?  getting the cd, or just downloading all the latest stuff?

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I have removed X11R6.x developments tools from my URLS at
http://siddiqi.webjump.com and
http://www.geocities/ResearchTriangle/Forum6298 .

The X11R6.x developments tools are now available ONLY from
(Cygwin-xfree). This is to avoid confusions ater Cygwin v 1.0 was

3 different versions of X11 are available:
X11R6.3 from XFRee86 3.3.5 for Cygwin B20.1

X11R6.4 for Cygwin B20.1 (derived from XFree86 3.9.16)

X11R6.4 for Cygwin v 1.0 (Cygwin Cd Distribution) (derived from
XFree86 3.9.16 - XFree86 4.0 Developers Snapshots).

The Cygwin-xfree URL (hhtp://sourceware.cygnus.com/cygwin/xfree) now
has a FAQ.


PS: Sorry for duplicate message.  I am cc'ing to Cygwin List for
who are not yet aware of Cygwin-xfree project.

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