Redstone 3 Creators Update for Windows 10 -- cygwin killer?

Freeman, Mr. Ion C.
Fri Nov 3 12:46:00 GMT 2017

I’m very, very excited about the Windows Subsystem for Linux. Perplexingly, not one of my employers has asked me to work on a Unix user environment or Linux desktop since 1995, whereas nearly all of them have wanted their production code on a Unix or Linux system.

So, Cygwin has been a big part of my career. Thank you for all of your efforts.

I believe WSL is released and available to all Windows 10 users in Redstone 3, last month’s update. I think it should come to desktops in my enterprise next quarter – at least one corporation is not wasting any time* getting it on developers’ desktops. What does this mean for Cygwin?

Ion Freeman

* In a relative sense. I know there are companies that upgrade OSs more quickly, or don’t attempt to control them at all, but you have to compare it with how long we had XP. Which is proprietary, but longer than you might think.

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