How to: Gnome on Cygwin x64?

Mark Rousell
Mon Sep 5 07:26:00 GMT 2016

I've been a Cygwin user on and off for many years (and thank you to all
for the hard work put into it) but I've never got to grips with the GUI
environment available. A lot of the information available on the web on
this subject seems to be outdated.

Using the current Cygwin (with a working base install) running on
Windows 10 x64, what would I need to do to get, say, a KDE desktop
session up and running? It's not clear to me what packages I need to
install, what manual config I'd need, if any, and what I'd need to run
to start it.

I've looked for docs on this but not been able to find them, so if there
any please do point me in the right direction. Any help gratefully received!

Mark Rousell

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