First experiences with WSL (a.k.a. Bash on Windows)

Mark Geisert
Fri Aug 12 06:22:00 GMT 2016

Warren Young wrote:
> On Aug 10, 2016, at 9:59 PM, Mark Geisert <XXXX@XXXXXX.XXX> wrote:
>> Warren Young wrote:
>> [...]
>> Would you kindly ?
> That option doesn’t exist in this program.
> I don’t see the problem anyway.  One unbroken line per paragraph is trivial to wrap in software, and then you get breaks where *you* like them, rather than where *I* like them.
> Choosing not to insert hard breaks in paragraphs also allows me to post the too-common long modern URLs without using a shortener, so you can see where I intend for you to go before you click.
> If your advice is to switch to a different mailer, there are only two others that have even slight appeal to me on this platform, and the maker of the first has repeatedly threatened to abandon its development, and the second costs more money than I believe the problem is worth.  After all, *I* don’t have a problem with the status quo.  So, do you want to buy me a software license to solve *your* problem? :)

Here is an example of what your posts tend to look like to me on those rare
occasions when I bother to expand Chrome to full-screen to read them:

I don't see all of your text.  I'd like to be able to read it without having
to go full-screen or scroll left-right or use some other reader.  This is
Chrome reading the Cygwin mail archives; can't get much more vanilla than that. 
  Chrome doesn't seem to have an option to wrap.

Of course it's your choice.  But if nobody said anything about it you
wouldn't be aware that some folks can't read your usually thoughtful and
detailed posts.


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