GCC 4.8 & cygwin32 vs. cygwin64 packages and installers

Marco Atzeri marco.atzeri@gmail.com
Thu Sep 10 12:18:00 GMT 2015

On 10/09/2015 13:23, Tomasz Pona wrote:
> Hello All,
> I've been writing the Cygwin list ages ago, so welcome again.

wrong mailing list.
You should use for this question cygwin "at" cygwin "dot" com
> For many years since my last visit I haven't bumped into any Cygwin
> problem I couldn't cope with myself, so many thanks to all Cygwin devels
> for your good job.
> But now I run into a real problem with GNU GCC packages availability and
> how they're presented in the installer.
> My GCC availablity problem:
> I need to work with GCC 4.8, but it isn't available anymore for
> download. I uderstand obviousness of the versions succession, but the
> upgrade to 4.9 was done only recently and the choice is between 4.9.2
> and 4.9.3. I'd say this isn't significant version change. It'd be nice
> to have a choice at least between 4.8 and 4.9 and great to be able to
> work with several versions (since ~4.6) at once.

As cygwin is a rolling distri, maintaing multi compilers
will be very demanding.

> My installer package presentation problem:
> I noticed the GCC 4.8 is still available as "cygwin64-gcc-" under
> "setup-x86" and as "cygwin32-gcc" under "setup-x86_64".
> But I can't take any advantage of this, because:
> - these packages land in separate cygwin/cygwin64 folders, like the'd be
> installed using the other installer
> - "setup-x86" has no "cygwin32-gcc-"
> - "setup-x86_64" has no "cygwin64-gcc-"
> Why GCC 4.8 isn't available as a default package when it is as
> "cygwin32-gcc-"/"cygwin64-gcc-"?

cygwin32-gcc is a cross compiler from X86_64 to i686
cygwin64-gcc is a cross compiler from i686 to x86_64
gcc is the standard compiler available in both arch X86_64 and i686

> Maybe you could just loosen the package presentation/availability rules
> in your installers?
> Thanks in advance for any response,
> Tomasz Pona

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