Windows 10 console slightly less horrid than before

Warren Young
Sun Aug 30 02:09:00 GMT 2015

On Aug 29, 2015, at 1:24 AM, Corinna Vinschen <> wrote:
> settings which prefer application shortcuts over global shortcuts

I was thinking of it more as yet another reason to prefer mintty, and a thing to keep in mind when you must use cmd.exe for some reason, as with my recent testing of the full-screened console window on the main list.

MS is coming at it from the WordPad perspective, whereas mintty is coming at it from the xterm/tty perspective.  They’re going to conflict over things like the meaning of Ctrl-A.

The only reason they haven’t broken Ctrl-C, too, is that they can do that only when there is something selected.

But the Bash/Vim use for Ctrl-V is probably also broken under Windows 10 now, so there goes the normal way of inserting literal control characters into documents, something I end up needing to do once every several months.  (e.g. ^V^O to reset a terminal due to accidentally cat-ing a binary file, or hacking around with ^M to test CR/LF handling in some parser.)

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