Windows 10 console slightly less horrid than before

Warren Young
Thu Aug 6 21:09:00 GMT 2015


0. The console window is now resizable.  Like, by dragging on the window edges.  You know, like in Windows 2.0.  Wow!  :)

1. Text selection and pasting now works line-by-line, not as a block of unrelated lines.  ...Just like every *ix terminal program since forever.

2. Extensive keyboard text editing.  It's not up to the standards of xterm plus Bash’s emacs mode, but it’s far better than they had before.

3. Keyboard copy/paste, in Windows-native flavor (Ctrl-C/V/X) and xterm flavor (Ctrl/Shift-Ins).  Unfortunately, no xterm-like mouse copy/paste.

I’m not giving up mintty and Bash, but it’s nice to know the occasional dip into cmd.exe won’t be such a sharp shock.

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