Cygwin | Cygwin Compatibility Issue report ID 386608.

Mark Rousell
Sat May 26 19:01:00 GMT 2012

On 07/05/2012 11:48, Danilo Turina wrote:
> On 27/04/2012 11.08, Linda Walsh wrote:
>> Anuja Singh (MP Tech Consulting LLC) wrote:
>>> Hi Cygwin Support,
>>> I am a Program Manager with the Ecosystem Engineering team at Microsoft.
>>> At Mobile World Congress in February, Microsoft announced the
>>> availability of the Windows 8 Consumer Preview. Please use the
>>> resources available at the Windows Development Center and begin
>>> testing your applications. For more information on how to verify the
>>> compatibility of your applications on Windows 8 Consumer Preview,
>>> please refer to the Windows and Windows Server 8 Consumer Preview
>>> Compatibility Cookbook.
>>> Our team drives the bug notification activity with our valued Windows
>>> partners. This email is to notify you that Cygwin experienced
>>> compatibility issue during internal Microsoft testing.
>>> Please review the details provided below with regard to this issue.
>>> Compatibility Issue details:�
>>> Product name: Cygwin
>> --------------
>> Now that MS is dropping their posix-compat software and pointing
>> people at
>> cygwin, seems like they are more interested in having it work...
>> imagine that...
> You will be assimilated, resistance is futile...

I look forward to the forthcoming Metro version of Cygwin! Bash in a
live tile?

Microsoft's strangely desperate-seeming attempts to force desktop and
laptop users away from the desktop metaphor GUI to a mobile-centric UI
that is wholly unsuitable for desktops and laptops (and unsuitable for
local admin of servers for that matter) is bizarre. I can't think it
will do the company any good.

Why won't they just accept that one UI does not fit all form factors?


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