Cygwin | Cygwin Compatibility Issue report ID 386608.

Linda Walsh
Fri Apr 27 09:08:00 GMT 2012

Anuja Singh (MP Tech Consulting LLC) wrote:

> Hi Cygwin Support,
> I am a Program Manager with the Ecosystem Engineering team at Microsoft. 
> At Mobile World Congress in February, Microsoft announced the availability of the Windows 8 Consumer Preview. Please use the resources available at the Windows Development Center and begin testing your applications. For more information on how to verify the compatibility of your applications on Windows 8 Consumer Preview, please refer to the Windows and Windows Server 8 Consumer Preview Compatibility Cookbook. 
> Our team drives the bug notification activity with our valued Windows partners. This email is to notify you that Cygwin experienced compatibility issue during internal Microsoft testing. 
> Please review the details provided below with regard to this issue.
> Compatibility Issue details:� 
> Product name: Cygwin


Now that MS is dropping their posix-compat software and pointing people at 
cygwin, seems like they are more interested in having it work... imagine that...

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