Hiding an email address on a mailing list? + Notifications.

narium85-ididapeeinitalyintotheseayipee@yahoo.co.uk narium85-ididapeeinitalyintotheseayipee@yahoo.co.uk
Tue Apr 3 08:18:00 GMT 2012

I notice that on the cygwin mailing list, emails appear like 

username <at> blah <dot> com

I guess a spider could interpret that. It'd be good to hide it.

Is there any option in sourceware?

I haven't tried it but i've seen some option with a mailman mailing list to hide email address though I don't know if it does.  Is there any option like it with sourceware.. are they equivalent in this respect?

I used to have an email account dedicated to mailing lists, with folders for each program whose mailing list I subscribed to, spam there if I got it wasn't a big deal, and when I didn't use it for some months, it got deactivated, which was maddening..  I know my main address won't get deactivated, as I check it often, though getting lots of notifications for those emails is irritating and yahoo instant messenger notifies me with new emails. A great feature but not when it notifies me each time a new post appears on a mailing list.

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