Sourceware mailing lists / UTF-8 (?) address

Róbert Kohányi
Thu Dec 29 16:47:00 GMT 2011

Recently I've sent a mail to the main Cygwin mailing list and I've
noticed that the characters in my name is mangled (didn't contain the
proper accented letters I want it to contain) if I browse the mail in
the archives[1]. It shows up good in Gmail.

I'm writing via Gmail and I have enabled the "Use Unicode (UTF-8)
encoding for outgoing messages" option and I'm writing a "Plain Text"
message. As such, I thought I'm *safe*.

I don't know if this is a shortcoming of the mailing list or Gmail ...
but anyway, has anyone noticed similar behaviour? If yes, have anyone
found a solution (other than using only ASCII characters in one's

Kohányi Róbert


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