patch to add C99 complex

Marco Atzeri
Fri Oct 8 16:04:00 GMT 2010

--- Ven 8/10/10, Christopher Faylor  ha scritto:

> +0100, Marco Atzeri wrote:
> >Next week I should add the documentation to complete
> the work.
> Documentation?  Don't you mean you're going to set up
> your own web site
> devoted to complex functions in Cygwin?  I think we
> all know that's the
> most effective way disseminate information about
> Cygwin.  Keeping the
> information distributed means there is no single point of
> documentation
> failure.

Ok I will add somewhere here

just below the cmake truly cygwin packages....

> cgf

in reality all this C99 started as I want to rid 
of the test failures of octave due to
incorrect handling of complex Inf .

>>>>> processing /pub/hg/octave/src/
  ***** assert(log2(complex(0,Inf)), Inf + log2(i));
!!!!! test failed
assert (log2 (complex (0, Inf)),Inf + log2 (i)) expected
Inf + 2.266i
but got
NaN + 2.266i
NaNs don't match

So it is a pure math aesthetic personal need.
But, I have not yet checked if it works.

Murphy go away


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