unison 2.40.16 (cygwin) over ssh doesn't resume after merge command

Robert Schmidt robert.schmidt-cisternas@blueback-reservoir.com
Thu Sep 30 11:45:00 GMT 2010

Hi all,
This is forwarded from the unison-users mailing list.  Original post at 
the bottom...

Executive summary: unison 2.40.16 (cygwin) freezes upon exit of a merge 
command, but only when one root is ssh.  Works fine when both are local.
Testing the MSVC build of 2.40.16 also works fine with a ssh-root.

Any hints are welcome!  As a last resort, I'll have to dive into 
building unison on cygwin myself.


-------- Original Message --------

Thanks, Harald!

However, I'm fairly committed to using cygwin in many respects (I
synchronize a substantial set of portable tools, scripts and data
between all my servers and workstation (about 10 in total)), and would
prefer keep it that way.

The debug message is the last debug output (using -debug all) before
unison "freezes".  I deemed the other messages to be unimportant - I
realize I may have been mistaken.

The problem seems to be easily reproducible on several of my
workstations using the command line I posted, and doesn't seem to depend
on any specifics of my setup.

I have now done the test with the MSVC build of 2.40.16 (as client,
against a cygwin unison+ssh "server"), and the problem does NOT occur.
So it seems to be a problem with the cygwin port.

What's the best way to proceed?  I've never built unison myself, so I'm
a bit stumped.


On 28.09.2010 16:46, Harald Heigl wrote:
> Why still using unison over cygwin?
> 2.40.16 supports Unicode, so no problem syncing between Win/Linux/Mac.
> (The first two of them I can confirm)
> If you want to give it a try, sync your directories (if not working with
> 2.40.16, then with an older version which worked for you) and after that
> sync directly with 2.40.16 without cygwin (I use putty/plink for ssh).
> “The debug message” is from Option -debug all? Or is this just what it
> prints out if you start the commando without debug option?
> Regards,
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> [mailto:unison-users@yahoogroups.com] *Im Auftrag von *Robert Schmidt
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> *Betreff:* [unison-users] unison 2.40.16 (cygwin) over ssh doesn't
> resume after merge command
> Hi,
> After the upgrade to 2.40.16, I've had problems with unison simply
> freezing when the merge command has finished - as if it is still waiting
> for the process to exit.
> This always happens when syncing local to a remote location over ssh,
> but never when syncing two local roots.
> A sample command line (using a simple cp instead of my merge script):
> unison -root / -root ssh://mylogin@myserver// <ssh://mylogin@myserver/>
> -path
> home/private/Documents/test.txt -merge "Name {*.txt} -> cp CURRENT1 NEW"
> -backupcurrent "Name {*.txt}" -debug all
> The last debug message is:
> Merge command: cp '/home/private/Documents/.unison.merge1-test.txt'
> '/home/private/Documents/.unison
> .mergenew1-test.txt'
> After which, unison seems to wait indefinitely.
> Is this a known bug, or am I doing something wrong?

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