Computer magazine CHIP asks for permission to distribute "cygwin" on its cover-cd

Lee D. Rothstein
Wed May 5 17:05:00 GMT 2010

 >> Deferring to Corinna's native language (?), as best I can (my 
 >> in advance):

 >> Wie weh tut mein finger.
 >> Wie weh tut mein fuss.
 >> Wie weh tut mir alles!
 >> Wann, die 3PPs "schuss"!?

 >> ;-)

 >> Having said that, I believe I first found out about Cygwin, years ago,
 >> from a CD. Before that I had been a user of MKS, and later Thompson
 >> Toolkits.

(The big difference between Thompson and MKS, is that Thompson worked. ;-))

 > Was it the dearly lamented Cygwin CD that I fought tooth and nail to have
 > Cygnus release?  That experience will be in my memoirs some day...

My vague memory is that I was in some hacker bookstore, and they
had a bunch of bargain CDs. I bought several along with one or
two ORA books. One had Cygwin along with some other stuff. Others
included Knoppix, a Perl-only CD, Yggdrasil, and some gawdawful
share- and free-ware.

I was hooked on FLOSS.

 > I was supposedly in charge of the project but I'd get email telling me
 > that a meeting had been held and everyone had decided not to include
 > "perl" in the distribution.

Corporate development. Sigh! (I worked at DEC for a time. If the
"force was with them", that force must have been militant
ignorance ... ;-) )

 > Good times...

Do I "detect" a symphony of sarcasm? A note of noxiousness? A
tome of tomatoes, rotten? ;-)

 > cgf


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