Apparently, Frank Seelisch is quite comprehensively not in his office today.

Dave Korn
Mon Apr 12 13:53:00 GMT 2010

On 12/04/2010 14:46, Paul Bibbings wrote:
> Dave Korn <> writes:
>>   I woke up to a flood this morning.  Did anyone else receive like about forty
>> out-of-office notifications from some guy at sometime around 0800
>> (GMT+1) this morning, corresponding to one for every post you've sent to the
>> list since the start of April?
>>     cheers,
>>       DaveK
> Yep.  I had the same wake-up call from one Frank Seelisch too.  Thought
> for one moment that I actually had some friends, finally. ;-)
> Regards
> Paul Bibbings

  Heh.  I sent them all back.  Also to his postmaster@ and Tech-C.  Along with
a very simple message that, even if they have to rely on google translate,
should come out loud and clear.

  ... no, no that!  I just said "Please unplug the broken computer"!


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