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Mike Marchywka
Thu Mar 11 13:29:00 GMT 2010

> Date: Thu, 11 Mar 2010 13:35:56 +0000
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> Subject: Re: ls sources
> On 11/03/2010 13:11, Vincent Richomme wrote:
>> Thanks but of course I know where to find them! What I first didn't find
>> was sources of ls, dir ... But now I founf them in coreutils, I thougt you
>> had some patches inside your cygwin repository
> All cygwin packages come with self-contained sources installable through
> setup.exe. Although they depend on the headers and libs from the DLL there
> are no patches there for them; the patches (if any) are distributed along with
> the upstream source tarball in the related source package.
> Also, next time you aren't sure what package contains a given exe:
>> $ cygcheck -f /usr/bin/ls.exe
>> coreutils-7.0-2
>> $
> Also, we're veering dangerously on topic here.... quickly, someone do or say
> something stupid!

When I claimed to be leader of the stupid posters in response to redaction
requ, no one stepped up to respond to my complement fishing. Why ? I wanna
no why?  I've never seen a better invitation to prove me wrong. LOL.

So, you now have an obligation to answer dumb questions and make
us appear intelligent? Can we also have you insert posts into the archive
with a requested date? 

> cheers,
> DaveK
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