managed mounts. hindsight sadness at their departure

Eric Blake
Fri Mar 5 04:33:00 GMT 2010

According to Shaddy Baddah on 3/4/2010 8:58 PM:
> <snip>
> - File names are case sensitive if the OS and the underlying file system
>   supports it.  Works on NTFS and NFS.  Does not work on FAT and Samba
>   shares.  Requires to change a registry key (see the user's guide).
> But now in hindsight, one feature of the managed mounts that I counted
> as not significant enough to keep it included, seems to me to have a
> kind of valid use case. That is allowing multiple files of the same name
> differing only in case.

Request case sensitivity from windows, and you have that feature back.

> Not that I'd assert that this is reason enough to have kept the managed
> mounts, it is just an unfortunate limitation that 1.7 now has over 1.5.

No, it is not a limitation, provided you follow the instructions.

$ touch a A
$ ls ?
A  a

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