forgive me for being paranoid but I think this happened last time too,

Mike Marchywka
Fri Jan 1 22:43:00 GMT 2010

>  Sorry, you (and we) can't do that.  Copying and pasting definitions from

> Microsoft's proprietary header files is a no-no; we have to use

> publicly-available sources of information such as MSDN docs, IIUC.


It just seems everytime someone mentions cygwin in a place such as this someone shows
up on cygwin list asking questions of this type. Excuse my paranoia and delusions of grandeur LOL,

wikipedia, allowing even more people to benefit[9], ” This uses a cygwin bash

script to invoke java code and some other pubmed eutils scripts [...] You should

be able to integrate this into your own scripts if desired for testing.”

What's the quote from the Simpsons, "hey those kids are learning for free?" LOL.
Where was everyone complaining when no-doc loans were being handed with commission
generating transactions? I think the last time I mentioned cygwin someplace like this it was regarding a public
interest in more widely available automated data access methods for things relevant to real
estate to keep markets more efficient.

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