Cygwin users forum

Dave Korn
Wed Aug 5 10:34:00 GMT 2009

Norv wrote:

> Either way, this is mostly an interest check, for both more and less
> experienced cygwin users. Would you like to have a forum at hand?

  Speaking only for myself, the answer has to be "Thanks but no thanks".  We
already have a bunch of mailing lists that I feel serve all my needs entirely
adequately, and I don't want to have to add keeping up with of a whole bunch of
web forums on top of that; it would be extra effort for no practical purpose.

> I would greatly appreciate your feedback on anything concerning this.

  I think you're almost certainly wasting your time and effort in providing what
is really only a redundant duplicate of what already exists(*).  I wish you
luck, and after all this is all free software and anyone can set up any
discussion group or website about it that they want, but I'm not optimistic that
you should expect much to come of it.

  (It does make me wonder if there might not be some degree of latent demand
that would be satisfied by setting up a wiki on, but since I'm not
about to volunteer the time to maintain it, I don't really think I have much
right to an opinion on the matter.....)

(*) - To me, the difference between a web forum and a mailing list is negligible
since you tend to have gateways in both directions and places like gmane and
nabble blurring what distinction there once was.

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