Zone alarm, you have failed me for the first time... and the last. (BLODA news)

Dave Korn
Sun Jul 26 20:50:00 GMT 2009

Morgan Gangwere wrote:
> Have you tried Komodo? Its got a super-paranoid firewall, but as long
> as you remember to check the "let this app through in the future and i
> know what the hell i'm doing you tard" button you're good.

  I would have tried it but according to their website it only runs on Vista
and XP.  It's starting to get tricky finding a PFW that will still support W2k.

  BTW, in case anyone's interested, I've been looking at the Matousec
leak-testing results list and working downwards:

  Sunbelt scores pretty badly there.  All the best-ranking ones are either on
BLODA or not available for 2k, sigh.


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