Zone alarm, you have failed me for the first time... and the last. (BLODA news)

Dave Korn
Wed Jul 22 10:19:00 GMT 2009

Corinna Vinschen wrote:
> On Jul 22 10:47, Dave Korn wrote:
>> Warren Young wrote:
>>> Dave Korn wrote:
>>>> Warren Young wrote:
>>>>> Dave Korn wrote:
>>>>>> Newer versions of ZA don't run on w2k
>>>>> Is Win2K still running on old time zone data, or did MS finally cave to
>>>>> the pressure to release that patch without requiring a $1000 payment?
>>>>   I have no idea.
>>> You would know if it did, if you're in an area of the world where the
>>> DST rules changed after MS declared "no more patches" for such things.
>>> In most of the US, for instance, your system time would have been off by
>>> an hour for several weeks during the year for the past two years.  If
>>> your locale's DST rules did change recently and you didn't notice a time
>>> problem, MS must have relented.  There was a huge stink over this.
>>   Well I'm in the UK, I dunno if the rules have changed at all recently, and
>> every once in a while I notice my PC has or hasn't got got a DST change right
>> or wrong, but never more than twice a year.
>>   My love of w2k is based on it being the most lightweight version of the OS
>> in years, and it having also had the longest time to get debugged and stable,
>> but obviously it's not suitable for a corporate environment.  It still WJFFM
>> in a home environment and there's still /quite/ a lot of new software coming
>> out that's compatible enough to run on it.
> What I'm missing in W2K (and, FWIW, NT4) is the RDP server.  This means,
> I can't use rdesktop on my Linux machine to connect to the W2K box.
> Rather, I have to open the console, or I have to use VNC.  Neither the
> console, nor VNC work as nice as rdesktop, for instance, for hardcore
> copy/paste jobs.

  Absolutely, rdp is significantly smoother in use than VNC.  According to a
post I found (, you
can install RDP on at least server versions of w2k.

> Grrr.  I hate it when marketing wins over technical aspects.

  Cue Bill:


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