popup consoles on Windows 7

Dave Korn dave.korn.cygwin@googlemail.com
Sun Jul 5 11:38:00 GMT 2009

Christopher Faylor wrote:

> <broken record>I really can't
> believe that they would release Windows 7 in such a broken state
> though.</broken record>

  What, you mean "Vista"?

> I've been running a copy of Windows 7 in Sun's virtualbox.  It really is
> cool.  I have a vmware license but, lately, I've been using virtualbox
> exclusively.
> I know this is slightly off-topic but I can recommend this product for
> virtually hosting Windows/Cygwin.  Personally, I really only want XP on
> my hardware.  Everything else I run is in VirtualBox.  In fact, last
> week, I copied my old NT4 partition from hardware to a virtualbox disk
> and it booted up with minimal fuss.

  I used it a lot in my last job and can second that recommendation, but vbox
has one limitation for me: it can't run under w2k (in the most recent few


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