Is there a script to remove old packages from local disk

Dave Korn
Wed Jun 17 23:23:00 GMT 2009

Fergus wrote:
>> Are you paying attention?  It can be cleaned up by:
>> rm -rf "/h/my name/cygnus solutions/*"
>> Yes, yes.  I know. Your internet connection is only 1 byte per second
>> so you desperately need to keep useless files around on disk for when
>> you accidentally type rm -rf /bin.
> For Goodness sake. There really is nothing you enjoy more than
> admonishing people is there,
> in that famously sarcastic and superior manner.

  Sarcasm, hyperbole and exaggeration are pretty standard rhetorical
techniques.  I think it's hard to justify inferring from the outwardly
observable fact of someone's preferred writing style to an assumption about
their inner mental state and motivation - an intent to mount a personal attack
- which can't be so directly observed.


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