Hippos on rsnapshot (mirror)

Robert Pendell shinji@elite-systems.org
Wed May 20 22:03:00 GMT 2009

As of right now it seems that a server configuration issue is
preventing access to the rsnapshot package directory.  This started
occuring last year but I just noticed it recently.  I guess the hippos
sabotaged it for me and I never knew.  I have opened a ticket with the
host.  They have already acknowledged the issue.  In the meantime if
you are attempting to get the rsnapshot package from my server then
please try from another mirror for now.

P.S. - The issue is that they are denying access to the .snapshot dir
since backups are stored there but instead it is denying access to
*snapshot.  This would match anything that has a single character
right before the word snapshot.

Robert Pendell

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