things you can do with cygwin that aren't death watches or death related

Mike Marchywka
Fri Apr 17 19:39:00 GMT 2009

I didn't mention cygwin specifically here,

but I was more clear in other cases. What the above illustrate
is how to consider one product candidate a company called Dendreon. 
They had been in the
news previously for inciting some protestors ( or maybe the
FDA incited them, I'll leave that to you ). At some point,
probably unrelated to cygwin, some oncologists claimed to have
received threats from "Dendreonites"( sorry, I guess
this may involve death too LOL ) 

The company stock is up again and in the news,

Try that with a gui app. If someone didn't thunk of it ahead
of time, it never got hard coded into a menu option. 

Mike Marchywka
Marietta GA 30067-7165

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