Removing the hippo

Dave Korn
Mon Oct 6 19:17:00 GMT 2008

Christopher Faylor wrote on 06 October 2008 16:31:

> On Mon, Oct 06, 2008 at 04:24:27PM +0100, Dave Korn wrote:
>> Mike Marchywka wrote on 06 October 2008 16:09:
>>>> OCX is fairly far from the core goals of Cygwin.
>>> Everything is about wierd graphics download. That hippo would look
>>> better as a 32bit BMP animated even better, charging into the linux
>>> penguin. Otherwise my CPU is just wasted, and what good is VM unless
>>> that disk drive is thrashing about. LOL.
>> cgf error: Needs more coffee.
> No, I was thinking that with the PCYMTNQREAIYR that it was possible that
> the OP would actually think that OCX documentation was needed and didn't
> want to let the assertion go by.  

  The mark of a skillfull troll: include one genuinely clueless yet minor
statement in each post to divert attention from the obviousness of the
blatantly obvious "nobody-could-possibly-think-that-so-it-must-be-a-troll"
statement.  A subtle piece of stage magician's misdirection IMO.

> But I was really thinking about the
> children. 

  Is that still even allowed these days?  I thought congress was about to pass
another one of those online decency protection acts...

> They love to read archives 

  Say, that's why there's chocolatey fingerprints and biscuit crumbs all over
them!  I blame the parents!  Or maybe the hippos!

Can't think of a witty .sigline today....

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