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Dave Korn
Mon Sep 22 22:06:00 GMT 2008


[This structure may be altered in future versions of Windows. Applications
should use the alternate functions listed in this topic.]

typedef struct _TEB {
  BYTE Reserved1[1952];
  PVOID Reserved2[412];
  PVOID TlsSlots[64];
  BYTE Reserved3[8];
  PVOID Reserved4[26];
  PVOID ReservedForOle;
  PVOID Reserved5[4];
  PVOID TlsExpansionSlots;
} TEB, 

  Ok then, let's see what "alternate functions" they're talking about....
Process and Thread Functions

 [ ... ]

Obsolete Functions

    * NtGetCurrentProcessorNumber
    * NtQueryInformationProcess
    * NtQueryInformationThread
    * WinExec
    * ZwQueryInformationProcess

  GNRREAAAARGH!  <gnashing of teeth>


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