things you can do with cygwin, LEH death contest,

Mike Marchywka
Mon Sep 15 13:15:00 GMT 2008

I don't know if anyone here follows this but the problem with LEH have
been all over the news lately, cygwin mentioned in this not-so-prestiguous
forum, funny but still a real use that may go unappreciated,

Re: WeLCOME TO THE WORLD FAMOUS (LEH) DEATH CONTEST!     10-Jul-08 07:41 am     If you would go get cygwin or run linux, you could sort the list and keep track of who is still a possible winner, 
$ cat xxx | sed -e 's/>>*/ /g' | sed -e 's/[/-]/ /g' | sed -e 's/ \([0-9]\) / 0 \1 /g' | sed -e 's/ \([0-9]\) / 0\1 /g' | sort -g -r -s -k 4 -k 2 -k 3 
gottogettokona 08 16 2010 
jessiehelmswannabe 01 20 2009 

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