Cygwin Secure Shell Version 1.5.25-15 Request for U.S. Export Information 19399845 08222008

Danilo Turina
Fri Aug 22 14:59:00 GMT 2008

Too bad that I forgot to remove their e-mail addresses from my previous 
reply (sorry).

P.S. And mine too...

Danilo Turina wrote:
> General Electric Aviation...
> You should feel electrified and in mid air at this point, guys... 
> (anyway beware of flying electric hippos).
> TSG Software Licensing (GE Infra, Aviation) wrote:
>> GE Aviation is in the process of reviewing your software product,
>> Secure Shell Version 1.5.25-15
>> In order to determine whether the software is subject to Federal Export
>> Administration Regulations (EAR), we are requesting that you provide the
>> Export Control Classification Number (ECCN) that classifies this
>> software according to the Commerce Control List. This number is used to
>> determine if an export license is required by the U.S. Department of
>> Commerce in order for our company to export the software to our
>> affiliates abroad and/or to provide access to our non-US citizen
>> employees.
>> We appreciate your cooperation in this matter. If you do not have access
>> to this information, please forward this request to the appropriate
>> personnel in your company. Please copy our email address on the request
>> (xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx ) so that we may follow up. Typically
>> this information is maintained in the legal department and/or
>> organization responsible for regulatory procedures.
>> For additional information regarding US Export, or for assistance in
>> obtaining the ECCN for your product, you can contact the Bureau of
>> Industry and Security (BIS) Office of Exporter Services at 202-482-4811
>> or their Western regional office at 949-660-0144 for assistance.
>> Additional information is also available on the Department of Commerce's
>> website at
>> Thank you.
>> TSG Software License Manager, (GE Infra, Aviation) Email: 
>> xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx
>>     Tammy Mock        513-243-7558
>>     Karen Hartmann        513-243-2472
>>     Erik Hajek        513-243-3331
>>     Leslie Baker        513-243-2565
>>     Christine Eichhold    513-243-8273
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