Cat permissions

Matthew Woehlke
Wed Aug 6 19:28:00 GMT 2008

(Yeah, I know this is old, but I couldn't resist.)

Warren Young wrote:
> The cat does not have permission to shred upholstery.
> The cat does not have permission to sleep on my PC, dropping hair into 
> its power supply.

Hmm, good thing I'm in the process of phasing out the CRT.

The cat also does not have permission to lick my LCD (there's a *reason* 
I spent good money putting a pane of glass over it) nor to sit in front 
of it making it impossible to work... but that hasn't stopped her yet. 
Sigh :-).

> The cat does not have permission to be in the kitchen.  Ever.

Hehe, their food dish is currently on my kitchen counter ;-). (Plus I 
enter and exit via the kitchen; I like that they're either already 
standing on the table waiting for me, or show up there within seconds.)

> The cat does not have permission to stand at the heels of people who 
> wish to walk backwards.

Odd how much trouble they seem to have learning this, isn't it?

(Warren: on that note, do you mind if these wind up in my .sig, and if 
that's ok, is putting your name next to them also ok?)

Did you hear about the pig that makes footwear for cows? He's a real moo 
shoe pork.

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