FW: Problem with openssh and domain user rights

Robert Pendell shinji+gmane@elite-systems.org
Fri Aug 1 00:09:00 GMT 2008

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Andrew Louie wrote:
| On Thu, Jul 24, 2008 at 1:42 PM, Robert Pendell <> wrote:
|> Yes it has.  Is it me or have they fixed their instructions?  Also I see
|> a nice big disclaimer at the top not to bug the cygwin list with
|> *sip*
| I don't know, but It seems that they make the instructions way more
| complicated than it needs to be. why should you have to manually set
| the CYGWIN environment variable?
| They have the instruction:
| If the script asks about "create a local user sshd on this machine",
answer yes
| Later on they say if it fails to do this:
| chown system /etc/ssh*
| chown system /var/empty
| If the sshd service is being started as the local sshd user, who has
| user rights, how will changing ownership of those two things to system
| help? and what about /var/log/lastlog and /var/log/sshd.log?
| maybe I don't understand sshd like I think I do.
Well if I recall correctly the last time I looked at those instructions
they didn't even have the user run ssh-host-config.  Regardless you are
right in saying they are still over complicated.  For the most part you
should just have to run ssh-host-config and it can stop right there.
Configure sshd_config if you have to but no ownership changes have to be
done.  Also at least they say right up at the top not to bug us about
the instructions.

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