FW: Problem with openssh and domain user rights

peter@rehley.net peter@rehley.net
Wed Jul 30 04:45:00 GMT 2008

Quoting One Angry User <angry@lusers.org>:

> On a balmy Thursday morning, the 24th day of July, 2008, Dave Korn's  
>  computer deigned to emit the following stream of bytes:
>> Jevos, Peter wrote on 24 July 2008 15:27:
>> > I have a problem with opsnssh login. I've red documntation and mailing
>> > list but I didn't find an answer.
> And I have green documentation and mailing list.  Not very helpful either.

Well. that's your problem.  You need the fuschia documentation with a  
nice cup of tea.  Earl gray I think.  See if that helps.


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