32 vs. 64 bit Hippos

Cary Jamison CaryJ57@NetZero.net
Wed Mar 19 16:55:00 GMT 2008

Charles Plager wrote:
> Hello,
>     I am about to purchase another computer and need to decide between
> 32-bit XP Pro and 64-bit XP Pro.  Most of what I will use it for  will
> use Cygwin.  Does anybody have any (good) experience with 64 bit XP?
> Does it cause any problems with Cygwin?  Does it make anything better?
> Is there any reason to try 64 bit?
>     May the hippos be with you.  Thanks,
>       Charles

Cygwin can only dance with 32 hippos at a time, so there is no advantage to 
trying to take on 64 of them.  In fact, there can be some confusion if you 
try to look for all 64 hippos in some of their secret locations that are 
hidden from a 32 hippo dance partner (wow64 registries and directories).

That aside, it does work for pretty much anything you'd want to do.  You 
just may want to consider other things besides Cygwin to make your final 
decision.  Can you get all the device drivers you need, etc?


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