'bug' in Unsub-instructions included with 'cygwin-announce' messages.

Linda Walsh cygwin@tlinx.org
Tue Mar 18 23:03:00 GMT 2008

It has the unsub address line as:

I think it should be:

But I could be confused?

I'm probably confused about where to post this, as it isn't really
an announcement and I don't think cygwin-announce is the proper place
to announce cygwin-announce related problems.

It's likely the list owners wouldn't really care to receive this type
of email on a 'personal' level, so personal email is of suspect

And it's not exactly a cygwin issue, since it is really about
cygwin list, which makes it more of a 'meta issue', but there
is no cygwin-meta list, exactly...though talk might be considered
meta in a meta sorta way.

I dunnow -- maybe I'll just ask on cygwin-talk and see what others
say, since I know all the hip(po) type people hang there and maybe
the problem will be solved (or at least berated, or I will...or something).


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