Compressing hippos really fast

Dave Korn
Tue Mar 4 16:33:00 GMT 2008

On 04 March 2008 15:43, wrote:

> does anybody know about a compression tool which is above all capable of
> compressing really fast?  The compression ratio is only a mild concern,
> it's rather more important that the tool is not acting as bottleneck
> when compressing files which are badly compressable.  Unfortunately
> the usual compression tools are rather interested in a good compression
> than in a good speed when streaming lots of data.

  Hmm, I came across something much like this lately while researching
compression: take a look at LZO.  It focusses more on uncompression speed
but is also supposed to be fairly fast for compression.

  It should be possible to use lzop as an inline filter compressor, more or
less as a direct drop-in replacement for gzip


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