/bin/kill -f WINPID; for a rogue cygwin process?

Igor Peshansky pechtcha@cs.nyu.edu
Mon Dec 10 19:07:00 GMT 2007

On Fri, 7 Dec 2007, Tom Rodman wrote:

> There may not be enough info in this post, also it pertains to
> an old cygwin release( 1.5.20s(0.155/4/2) 20060403 13:33:45 ).
> I'm hoping it will be tolerated in cygwin-talk.
> I have been trying to understand how to clean up rogue cygwin
> processes that appear after days or weeks of uptime ( and many
> cron jobs ) - defunct and "unknown" processes for example.
> "pidtablecygcheck00" is a simple bash script that uses cygwin ps,
> and /proc, and sysinternals: pslist and 'handle cygwin' - output;
> it compares/joins their reports.  I show that script's output,
> since it may help, but the script is not the point...
> The question I have concerns the "/bin/kill -f" shown in the bash
> session record on a windows 2003 server w/hostname "OurHost",
> below my sig.  Windows pid 6588 was a bash.exe process, that did
> not show up in 'ps -elW', so I thought I should cleanup:
>   /tmp $ command ps -elW|grep 6588
>   /tmp $
>   --snip
>   /tmp $ /bin/kill -f 6588
>   kill: couldn't open pid 6340
> Windows shown 6588, was still there, so I right clicked on 6588
> in sysinternals procexp, and selected properties- at that point
> things for the process seemed ordinary to my layman eyes, then I
> closed procexp, and process 6588 had vanished!  (I have seen this
> before.)
> Any ideas/comments, especially about the 'kill: couldn't open pid 6340'?
> 6340?! ... OK 6340 shows up has the Windows PID for cygwin process
> 7260, but I still need help unraveling this. (search this post for 6340)
> Less importantly, why does '/proc/6588/' exist, when
> `command ps -elW|grep 6588` returns nothing?

FWIW, I've seen Process Explorer itself occasionally hold on to process
handles and memory...  When I quit Process Explorer, the process count
went down and the memory was released.  Could that be the explanation
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