Cygwin version - 1.5.24-2 : Support for Visual studio .net 2005

Dave Korn
Mon Oct 22 09:34:00 GMT 2007

On 22 October 2007 10:20, Dave Korn wrote:

> On 22 October 2007 05:40, Ravi Kiran wrote:
>> Hi,
>>    Good day!
>>       Could you please let me clarify me on one stand.
>> I was trying to execute the C# 2.0 programs in Cygwin (installed on
>> windows). Could you please let me know If the latest release has support
>> for C# compiler. 
>> If it has, can Cygwin execute the .net GUI applications?
>> Thanks in advance.
>> Regards,
>> B. Ravi Kiran.
>   You really want to ask questions like this on the main cygwin@ mailing
> list. This is the random chatter list.  We're basically not allowed to
> answer on-topic questions here, and every post has to mention hippos.
>   <whispers>but yes, there should be no problem in launching a windows gui
> application of any kind from cygwin</whispers>

<still whispering>although you might have problems redirecting stdio if you're
using a cygwin pty rather than a dos console.</still whispering>  See, the
problem is in the pipes.  Cygwin uses pipes to connect stdio together and
sometimes a hippo gets into the pipes and gets stuck and then all the chars
build up behind it in a big kind of blockage until the pressure gets enormous
and basically squirts this hippo followed by all sorts of random letters,
alphabetti spaghetti style, into the stdin of the next program down the

  See, that's why you'd really better ask this on the main list.

Can't think of a witty .sigline today....

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